Cafe Timor

Cafe Timor coffee beans are grown in the mountainous area of Timor Leste without using any agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers. The fields are certified by JAS certification as organic farms.

The beans are picked in the morning and pulped the same day using a method called the wet process. After pulping, the waste is returned to the earth as compost.

PARCIC has been supporting coffee farmers in Timor Leste since 2002. We have provided machinery to farmers’ groups organized in each village and given technical guidance so that they can produce good quality coffee beans. We also helped them establish a producers’ cooperative “COCAMAU” (Cooperativa Agrikultura Moris Foun Unidade Kafe Nain Maubisse). The harvesting and processing are operated by farmer members of COCAMAU.

The cooperative now produces fine coffee beans, and PARCIC buys COCAMAU’s green coffee beans at a cost 1.5 times above the price offered by local buyers. As a result, coffee farmers can make a profit from their own beans of around USD3.5 per kilogram.

However, the coffee farmers’ villages are still poor compared to the capital which is currently experiencing rapid economic growth. PARCIC is continuing to support these farmers with technical and agricultural advice, not only for coffee farming but also for diversifying their farming products.

Uva Tea

Uva tea is known as one of the three best teas of the world (the other two being Chinese Keemum and Indian Darjeeling).

PARCIC Uva tea is grown organically at a high altitude of 1200m above sea level and picked carefully by local women. The tea has a sweet flavor and a light color, and its taste is sweet and rich. The quality of Uva tea comes from its location and altitude where the leaves are grown, with the good soil and the seasonal winds. Since the fields are located in the hills, tea pickers carefully weed and apply natural compost on the roots, which is not easy work.

At Green field tea estate, from where we buy leaves, the pickers work hard to make the products as fresh as possible. They pluck the tea leaves in the morning and start the processing the same day on the tea plantation. The processing includes wilting, rolling, shaping and fermenting to give authentic flavor and taste.

Aroma Timor

We provide three types of Herbal tea for keeping your good health with beautiful flavor. All are grown organically and from the mountainous villages in Maubisse of Timor-Leste. Aroma Timor is carefully handpicked, washed, dried in the sun and packaged. Those processes are done by women group, who are the member of coffee farmers cooperative. Through commercializing the herbs, which is used their natural resources, women improve their experience and abilities, and more importantly they could get opportunity of generating their incomes.

  • ‘Gotu-cola leaves & Mint’ -wake-up & refresh Tea-
  • ‘Avocado leafs and Lime leaves’ -healthful effect of stomach and intestines tea-
  • ‘Basil Flowers and leaves’ -relax and sweet aroma tea-